My Brickwall Ancestor: George Clark, born circa 1881

I’m trying to find info on my grandfather, George Clark. My paternal grandmother was Estelle “Stella” Prickett, b. 1880, Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa. George may have been born in Illinois as there is a reference to this on a census page for my father. Obtaining his sister’s SS-5 did not prove fruitful as she lists the name of their stepfather in the space for father.


2 Responses to “My Brickwall Ancestor: George Clark, born circa 1881”

  1. Apple Says:

    Well I struck out on the 1900 and 1910 censuses. I couldn’t find an online marriage index that included the years 1896-1901 but if you could find the marriage record it should have his parents names. The best I could come up with was a listing at for George E. Clark 1874-1913, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO. Slim chance that it’s your George but maybe you can at least eliminate him. Based on a birth year of 1874 I found a George Clark on the 1880 census, age 6 born IL, in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA with Harvy and Carrie Clark – another long shot.

    I hope someone with more experience in IA And CO can offer more help. Good luck!

  2. clarker Says:

    Thanks, Apple. There are a few George Clarks hanging around that part of Iowa during that time frame. I contacted the family of one who was married and found their denial to be plausible. My gut feeling is that he didn’t make the trip to Colorado with my grandmother.
    Incidentally my grandmother’s sister has proved interesting. Not only was she a model in her younger days but it seems that now she’s a ghost. See:
    (Estes Park)

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